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Octavia, is a very pretty girl! She is nice and very loyal to everyone around her. She is the best at anything! She's smart, really flexible, and good at sports. Octavia can be friendly and a people person.She is the kind of girl that is brave! She so an amazing and beautiful girl!!
Wow, is that Octavia? She is so perfect!
by Anabelleaustin05 May 01, 2018
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Female, sexual appeal that may be difficult for her to embrace, leaving her with an awkward approach. Likes stability and feeling safe. Loyal and committed to the ones she loves. Passive aggressive. Loner at times. Tendency to be a hermit. Loves to be acknowledged. Curious about her purpose. Religious at heart, stubborn. Slow to trust but quick to love.
Octavia will stay with the one she loves even though she questions her choice and trust for him. She is the type to break up or stop a fight before it takes flight. Her insecurities may lead her to come across as awkward because she's self conscience.
by defined-n-time December 14, 2010
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the coolest person ever. she's really weird, but so fun at the same time. generally has cool hair.
woah, look at octavia, she's soooo cool!
by wow450 December 11, 2010
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a girl who is really cool and fun to hang out with, sometimes she can be a little weird, but whatever. They're generally tall.
Octavia is defenetly my best friend.
by wow450 December 11, 2010
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A very hot chick. She's the kind of woman that every man wants to be with. She's so hot.
Oh my god!!! Look at Octavia! what a babe!

Hey look at that woman! She's an Octavia!

I fucked Octavia last night.
by Octavia's man November 15, 2004
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An earth pony in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that has a dark gray mane and tail, a light gray coat and light purple eyes, and wears a pink bow-tie with a white collar, and also, contrary to popular belief, plays the double bass.

Her first appearance in the show was when she was in the Canterlot Symphony at the Grand Galloping Gala in the episode 'The Best Night Ever', and then her next appearance was when she was, again, playing in the symphony at the Garden Party in the episode 'Sweet and Elite'.
Brony 1: Dude, have you ever heard Octavia's music, it's awesome!
Brony 2: Yes, quite.
by Twily December 31, 2013
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a girl whose responsible and does like ol ol guys or fucking on the first date be wit her 2 be her man not a booty call ok dude a true wifey type
hey octavia
octavia wat can ieat u out
me and my buds
hell 2 tha naw
by lopop December 09, 2007
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