A name for a beautiful amazing girl. People often don't realize the gold shes worth till they lose her. She has a big heart for everyone she loves. Sana can be outgoing when comfortable but shy when she's not. She's unique and not like most people you'll meet. She's really funny. If you get a Sana, KEEP HER.
Joseph: I think I have a crush on Sana.
Kelsey: Yeah? Well, you best treat her right!
by alex1113 June 12, 2019
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a gorgeous female who has the world's prettiest smile. Beautiful, intelligent, funny. Can pull through anything and comes out on top, she is goal orientated and self-motivated. Doesn't need a man to take care of her. She is a tough, caring, good listener and amazing friend who knows how to have fun. Be careful, because in the future you will regret anything you did wrong to her in the past. She is crazy, but the good kind that can't keep you away. She is the type of person you'd fall in love with.
Wow, she's acting like Sana today, I love it!
by HannahCanI? November 19, 2013
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You need a sana in your life. she is hot. She makes me feel some way PERIODT.
by Thirstaee June 23, 2020
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Wild and sweet at the same time.
What is Sana?

It's the definition of wild and sweet at the same time! (sexy)
by Marioppppp March 26, 2013
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Sana is known to be a kind hearted, sexy, good looking, caring, amazing, hot, independent, loving and good singer! If any boy is lucky enough to be her boyfriend, he will be loved and cared for. She is not the jelous type. But if u annoy a Sana then she will fight u. Her eyes may not be green or blue but r the most amazing eyes u can think of, once make eye contact with her then u will fall in love. Her strength is her friends and close ones. A sana will fall in love very easily, u treat her right then u might be lucky enough to talk to her or be around her. Sana dosent lie or mess around, she will always tell u what she feels about u later or sooner. Once u fall in love with her u won't be able to stop. Her smile is one of the best features of her beauty. Even when u r sad she can make u happy with her amazing jokes (dirty, puns, racist e.t.c) a Sana is also known to be very smart. They r also very dirty minded. Sanas are also very generous, if u are close enough to one then she will give/buy u food or anything u want
Friend: that new boy is hot

sana: I'm gonna go talk to him

Boy: Hey

Sana: Hi, heard u r new? if u need any help with anything around here!
Boy: That would be great

Sana: ahaha yeh
Boy: maybe you could come over to my place today to help me with homework ๐Ÿ˜‰
Sana: sure!!
Boy: Dammmn did u see her bro? She so fucking hot๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
Friend: what did she say?
Boy: I might be in for a surprise today when she comes over to help me with "homework" ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‚
by themeaningknower May 27, 2019
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Sana is a medium height girl with long hair. She may not be the most prettiest but her personality attracts guys like a flower attracts bees. She always manages to get close to a person willing the person to tell her all their secrets. She doesn't like people being too touchy or showy of their affection as it doesn't please her.She likes hugs and she is a total food person. No matter what she eats she never seems to gain weight. She likes hanging out with boys more than girls and everyone considers her as this girl who is amazingly fun to hang out with.She always considers herself ugly even though she is adorable. She doesn't like relationships as they affect her emotionally, so she stays away from them. She loves aesthetically pleasing things and the boy she will fall in love with will not be very typical. He will be different and you wouldn't notice him at a distance.
I like hanging out with sana
Sana gets all the guys
by Lolopbunnies May 31, 2018
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