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Sana is an amazingly beautiful girl with long brown hair and a smile that puts that of the stars to shame. Her laugh can light up the world and her humour can bring happiness to the saddest of places. Very athletic, very motivated and very social, Sana is a person who makes the most of her opportunities and loves her music. She is an amazing friend, crazy awesome best friend, mind-blowing lover and stunning girlfriend. When encountered with a Sana take note and one day you might just be lucky enough to snatch her up from the many boys chasing her.
Omfg is that Sana?
Fuuuuuuuck she's hot...
Yeah no shit
by crocodilianlachlan April 21, 2017
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Member of South Korean girl group TWICE, she is known for the popular phrase “Sha Sha Sha” and has made everyone her bitch with her cuteness
I think I’m sana biased now
by graqefruit August 08, 2018
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a gorgeous female who has the world's prettiest smile. Beautiful, intelligent, funny. Can pull through anything and comes out on top, she is goal orientated and self-motivated. Doesn't need a man to take care of her. She is a tough, caring, good listener and amazing friend who knows how to have fun. Be careful, because in the future you will regret anything you did wrong to her in the past. She is crazy, but the good kind that can't keep you away. She is the type of person you'd fall in love with.
Wow, she's acting like Sana today, I love it!
by HannahCanI? November 19, 2013
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Sana is a unique name but they are always feisty. They may not look hot but when they want to they can be mind blowing hot. They are known to be innocent but they are hiding a lot of stuff. sometimes u hate em and all the other times you can't live without em
me wanna hit that sana
by Anaira September 21, 2007
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Miss New York Teen USA 2008
a true beauty queen with high intellect and beauty that makes men melt like a popsicle aka jizz in pants
Omg did you see that Sana! made me jizz my pants
by Michael Moon July 07, 2009
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