Samuel is a bold character that makes people want an autograph. He is very strong and is associated with martial arts. He is God's right hand man. His associate is Theo the great who he listens to all the time. He likes football and hates Liverpool. People sometimes call him the son of God but Samuel tells them no because that is Jesus.
Yo,U ever see Samuel.
No, he is in heaven looking down on you.
He is something else
by September 16, 2020
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A literal god. Has a big penis. It is a ten-inch destroyer that can destroy the entire world in a matter of seconds. Your opinion doesn't matter because you don't have one, only Sam does. He knows all.
Nobody can be Samuel, except for Samuel. He was born a god.
by December 12, 2019
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A Samuël is good guy. He's horrible at school but loves learning. He has a love for animals and especially horses. He's considerate and takes cwre of his friends. He's always been single and probably will always be.
My friend gave me a chocolate bar because I passed my exams! He's such a Samuël.

Yeah he went on two dates already but neither of the guys liked him back. Maybe it's a good thing.
by Schmuel.k April 20, 2020
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He is the type of person too afraid to admit his feelings for one. He is amazing in sports especially football. It is so easy to fall in love with him and if he doesn't like you back instantly he will in a while. He tends to blush a lot. Has a cold face in front of others except his friends and family. He is very loyal to his friends and respects their choices. He tends to believe in himself rather than in stupid rumours. He is everything a girl will ever want. Though it takes him time to realise things he is still an amazing person. If you ever fall in love with Samuel it will mean so much to you and it will be hard for you to let go. There is no way to confirm if he will stay with you forever but if he does you are one lucky person.
Samuel is my Biggest crush yet.
by Pandagirl12 June 26, 2018
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A Samuel is a special kind of person. He probably was that guy in school who said that the teacher forgot the homework and just snitching on everybody
That guy is such a Samuel
by NillerThe19YearOld June 16, 2020
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Samuel is 6”5 and also an alpha male. Do not mess with him or you will genuine get shanked up yo
Samuel is a 6”5 alpha male
by Xxxtentacles6969 Peter Griffin October 22, 2019
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A Samuel is that High School crush you never told anyone about but you still run into an infuriating amount of times after you graduate.

They’re athletic and some of the smartest guys you’ll ever meet, but more importantly are genuine and stand up for what is right even when it isn’t the popular option. They work hard in silence and let their success make noise, yet always remain humbled by the process.

Everyone who meets a Samuel describes him as a “stand up guy” who is good at most everything he puts his heart into. They often have a strange assortment of talents and can’t stay still for long. Despite their attractive and intimidating exterior, they still enjoy soft things and do their fair share of dumb shit when they think no one else is watching. Ironically, that just makes people love them more.

Overall, a Samuel is the type of guy that you either love, want to love, or want to be.
“Who was that guy you were talking to in the elevator?”
“Oh, Samuel? We had a class together.”
by AndI— March 19, 2020
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