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A beautiful, funny, kindhearted person, who loves to have fun and go wild. A Sampada loves to look great every second of the day and is average height. A Sampada loves to hang with friends and would do anything for them.
Linda: no, its okay. i dont really want to go.
Hareem: omg, be more like a Sampada! ):
by domo-ish-awesome December 27, 2009
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A fun loving sexy burnette who loves to look great every single moment in her life. She is sweet and kind but knows how to give you a hell of time if you mess with her. She is a gret friend and always there for the people who love her. She loves puppies and dolphins and believes and protecting those who can not speak for themselves. She is extrememly giving and kindhearted. Makes everyone happy and spreds joy with her smile, always smiling. Loves chocolate.
Daniel: yoo man who is that hot chick right there, she is so beautiful and nice, it's people like her that make the world a better place.
Taylor:yo man you are so right any one who has her is damn lucky.Her name is definatekly Sampada
by Samara1347 December 08, 2010
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A person, preferably a girl, who claims that she is cool but really isn't. She resembles an antelope, and only possesses one thumb. She can not stand up straight because one of her legs is shorter than the other. She has chronic diarrhea, and she is a brofo.
DAMN, did you see that whore walk by with that stick up her ass? Dude she is such a sampada!
by I eat bitches for lunch July 26, 2009
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