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The out-of-control act or process of crossbreeding and producing multiple offsprings at an alarming rate by mating individuals of two different distinct breeds. One, of Polynesian stock, is the Samoan species. And the other, from which has emerged from man-kinds motherland of Africa, is the Negro species.
Samoaniggahz: (noun)

... is what you get, when a Samoan and Black (Negro/Afro-American) produces multiple offsprings... you get "SAMOANIGGAHZ" (some more negros).

Crossbreeding is usually done with the intent of producing offspring that share the traits of both parent lineages, especially if the traits are beneficial:

"OMG, Lakeesha! You and Junior's 15 children all have beautiful wavy hair and

they are tall and can play basketball... and still give a good beat down, for laughs!!!"

However, an irresponsible crossbreeding can also produce animals of inferior quality or weaken purebred gene pool:

"OMG, Lakeesha! You and Junior's 15 obese children all have an eating problem and

they are all lazy and don't want to work.... but they all still find the money to drink

40's every night!!!"

Love I s Unconditional Forever Always Understanding

Love I s Unconditional Forever Always Understanding
by Eye Kye N Dye December 31, 2016
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