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Common name of a woman that is sex on legs who encourages male wet dreams. Samera's are extremely big headed and boast about their vast experience in bed, their ridiculously huge tits, or the fact that your boyfriend probably wants to nail her. Samera's are always pestered by locals for her juicy juicy mangos.
Samera a woman with juicy juicy mangos
by soph15 December 19, 2011
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She’s a beautiful girl who’s complete and is a girl u should treasure her pressence lightens up ur day and having her in ur life is a blessing she treats u right and showers u with love she will make sure u are ok and will always make u from having the worst day ever to the best she is normally paired with Mohamed’s since they fit her likings but any boy that would be with her would be exhilarated with he. She brings the best out of ppl and is one u will enjoy life with
I wish samera would be mine
I wish I was samera
That man is so lucky he has samera
by Booyalabooyalamamaeh December 09, 2018
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A Fuckgirl, she flirts with every man she sees. She takes other womens' men with a breeze.
Samera is flirting with my man, again!
by Sashabanks2167 June 03, 2017
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