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A paid-up member of a “big box” warehouse who solicits his bargain-shopping privileges to other folks who have less-affluent lifestyles, and who therefore would wish to also purchase ordinary grocery/household items at bulk-package prices, but who either cannot comfortably afford the outrageously-steep membership-fees that the bulk-package warehouses charge, or who do not buy enough yearly volume to justify paying the fees. The problem, of course, is that the opportunistic member engages in "chiseling": he does not merely ask to be reimbursed just for his actual expenses in procuring the items for these lower-income folks --- i.e., the total amount of the purchased items plus the cost of any additional gas that he’d consume in the course of obtaining/delivering the purchases --- but also charges a hefty “shopper’s fee” for his “services”… yes, it would be an amount that’s still somewhat less than the total savings compared to what the items would have cost in a “regular” store, but still considerably more than the frugal-by-necessity folks for whom he’s shopping would have wanted to spend to obtain their items in the first place.
Members-only warehouses should quit charging such exorbitant fees to their paying customers --- it creates a fertile breeding-ground for Sam's Club chiselers.
by QuacksO July 24, 2018
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