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The act of being ''Sam'd'' occurs when travelling to a foreign country and following happens:

You get ripped off by the locals by being lured into a lucrative deal then being overly charged, most commonly in markets or beggars.

An unlucky moment happen that would only happen in not your homeland.

" I got given this bracelet for FREE, he put it on me, but then he asked me for 10 Euros!!?! so i gave him the money"
"Mate you've been Sam'd!!'
by YHSRBS June 23, 2011
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to be flying turkey slapped across the face with a mildy aroused shlong

the fact that the person who has Sam'D you has a penis or not is irrelevant
person 1:i got Sam'D at work by my boss, all of my co-workers, some chick with big jugs down the street, the policeman who pulled me over and even our dog just now as i walked in the door

person 2:wow sounds like you had one hell of a day

person 1:yea i why are you getting your half erect penis out just now and licking your lips?

person 2:no reason...hey man why don't you close your eyes and i'll give you a surprise
by SAMple1 August 29, 2008
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The sound a M1 Abram makes when rotating its turret.

Also See:
1.Give Head
2.Suck A Dick
3.Eat the Chicken

by Ken Kingster February 03, 2004
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Being the perfect level of intoxicated. Being so high that everything you see, touch, hear, feel is absolutely amazing. nothing makes you feel bad and everyone is your friend. Usually happens after smoking a party's worth of dope to yourself. Not to be confused with being Mat'd.
GUY 1: Dude! Did you see Jake and Cody last night?

GUY 2: Yeah they were so fuckin Sam'd last night!
by Grand Master Kush February 17, 2011
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