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As played by Chord Overstreet, Sam Evans is a character from the hit show 'Glee', Season 2. He is known for his rather large mouth, dubbed as 'trouty mouth', and his lemon-dyed blond hair. He is a dork, a sweetheart, and he cares about everyone. It is later revealed that his father lost his job, so he had been living in a motel room with his parents and his two little siblings. He worked as a pizza delivery boy, always making sure his siblings were well-fed and happy, as well as keeping up his grades, and most of all, keeping it a complete secret. On top of that, he is treated as an outsider--not in the school, but New Directions itself. He is treated poorly by his love interests, he is betrayed by the first friend he ever made, and is constantly teased about his mouth.

He was last seen smiling at Kurt and holding hands with Mercedes. Unfortunately, he will not be returning for Season 3.

His sexuality is heavily debated. Many believe that he was straight, merely because he dated girls, acted like a teenage boy, and denied the accusation of being gay by Quinn. Many believe he was gay because he was originally conceived that way.

Sam was a wonderful kid, who fed his siblings, who worked his ass off, who juggled school and work and dealt with New Directions' constant drama, he suffered through teasing, bullying, and betrayal, and through all of this, he never cried.

But the one time he did, it was because of kindness.
"Sam Evans is such a cutie."

"I love Sam Evans' abs!"

"Sam Evans is gay as fuck."

"Sam Evans is straight! What are you talking about?!"

"No, no, Sam Evans is gay. He's totally gay."
by bernrikastel August 20, 2011
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a weird immature character on glee who has a really big mouth aka trouty mouth
Person 1: Hey did you glee last night?
Person 2: Yea I loved Santanas song deticated to Sam Evans lips
by friedeggs123 April 28, 2011
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