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An emo person. They slice their arms like they were made of salami, hence, "salami arms".
Since Jessica left Michael, he's become salami arms. See how he dresses in black, cuts his wrists and listens to Suicide Silence?
by Billy Barker November 25, 2013
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A term used to describe someone with arms so flabby that they begin to resemble salami hanging in a deli.

Can be also used to describe someone who does not swing or move their arms when they walk. Instead, their arms remain hanging still despite any other movement their body may be making.
John: Whoa, check out Bertha's salami arms! They're so large and cylindrical!
Bob: Are those her arms? I thought she was carrying some mortadella!

Elaine: Who's that?
Dugan: That's Sam, the new girl in accounting.
Walter: What's with her arms? They just hang like salamis.
by yer momma January 03, 2008
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The arms of a fair skinned freckled peron that have gotten too much sun, or sunburn, causing them to resemble a salami.
Looks like Paddy's got salami arms. He'd better get out of the sun and put on some aloe.
by Eddie Monahan May 08, 2007
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