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To assault an individual who is standing facing you, then proceeding to accelerate in their direction head-on, jump into the air, wrap your legs around the individuals neck with the front of your crotch in their face while they are standing essentially forcefully t-baging them. With the momentum of your jumping into their face with your crotch in their face, they will proceed to fall directly on their back while you ride them down as if you were riding a bull.

Origin: Saint's Row the third when they main character attacks enemies in a similar and HILARIOUS fashion.
Fred: Bro, that freshman must have pissed you off earlier today.
Jason: Man you have no idea! That ho needs a good old fashioned Saint's Rowing!
Fred:....Saint's Rowing?
Jason:Hell yeah! T-Bag Ride!
by BIGKAT56 December 26, 2012
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