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Saint Helena School is a small catholic school located in Blue Bell PA that is made up of 99.9% white people. They are worlds nicest people. They either belong to Cedarbrook Country Club or Nor Gwyn Pool Club. They all where uniforms and do not act catholic at all. The boys talk about all the hot girls, the new rap songs, football, hooking up and juul, but odly have good grades. The girls talk about extra credit, Riverdale, field hockey and what answers they got on the SS test, and have amazing grades. The boys think the girls are weird and the girls think the boys are weird but somehow have crushes on each other. The girls roll their skirts because they are to long and the boys take off their winter sweaters because they think the sweaters are weird. On dress down days all the kids where sweatpants and dont give a damn on what they look like. Every kid has a Patagonia coat, a vineyard vine and pre-wrap/halo headbands Everyone at SHS knows people from WISS or UD. Everyone loves Notre Dame, Villinova or Penn State and where so upset when Carson Wentz tore his ACL. There are 4 schools that these kids might go to for high school, Mount, Gwynedd, LaSalle or PREP. The kids here are very hard workers and even the dumbest kids study because they know they need first honers and a scholarship for 20K or higher. The boys play football at recess while the girls gossip in a small circle. These kids have grown to be family and car-pool every week. There really is no other place like SHS.
I would not be where I am without Saint Helena School (SHS)
by tl_tl January 02, 2018
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