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craazy person everyone loves to have around !
person 1: wow this party is lame
person 2: i know we need a sahej !
by iloveyou04 December 05, 2010
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worst person ever really full of themselves and rages prettyyy hard. probably why its so hard for a Sahej to find a gf
person 1: Woah that person needs to calm down like that girl literally accidentally bumped into him and he punched her 5 times

Person 2: ikr. thats just harsh

Person 3: C'mon guys its Sahej what more do you expect
by Listen to ur bibi June 02, 2018
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The most fantastic woman in the world. Sexy, intelligent, and entirely irresistible . She knows she is worth it. And she is. She will embrace you for who you are and look out you. She is the best person you could possibly choose to be your friend or partner in life.
Wow who’s that

That’s Sahej
by sidhbjysh August 07, 2018
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