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The perfect person. Has the potential to be the best in anything he puts his mind to. Extremely sexy
I wish Safwaan was my boyfriend
by thatSameGuy November 12, 2017
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1 someone who cares an awful lot about people he/she becoms close to some might mistake this for flirting or wominazing.
2 not someone you should take lightly when he/she is serious, ticked off, or when u mess with his/her friends.
3 someone who can understand feeling and emotions of either sex and manage to channel it and bring the best things out if it or can advise depending on the situation at hand.
by John Collin August 24, 2016
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A sexy guy that loves women so much that he has too many of them. Known as a player and only loves anal
Daaaaaammmn that guy gives it so good from behind. His name must be safwaan
by Omg originality October 01, 2018
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