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A cryptocurrency term for safe popularized by the Bizonnaci YouTube channel after the CEO of Binance tweeted “Funds are safe.”
The exchange I use got hacked!”

“Oh no, are your funds safu?”

“My coins better be safu!”
by karbonbased July 21, 2018
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An old school army term, short for 'Situation All Fucked Up'. It is meant to be said fast, like in combat or radio chat; -pronounced as one word; sah'fuu
Officer: Whats happening out there?
Soldier: S.A.F.U. sir!
by Michail June 04, 2006
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a SFW (safe for work) abbreviation for "Shit's All Fuck'd Up"

Normally used to describe a situation, person, or thing that is severely screwed up.

Can be used as a Noun or Verb depending on the context of the situation.
Noun: Man, If McCain gets elected, America is SAFU! I'm moving to Australia.

Verb: "Your SAFU'd"
by Jon Roots March 15, 2008
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