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The name of a person, typically female, originally from the word "Sapphire" - a blue jewel. Safiras tend to be bubbly, have a great sense of humour, and usually get on well with most people.
Hi, my name is Safira.
by Inimbi August 16, 2011
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Safira’s are not common, which is what makes them very interesting people to have around. She is absolutely gorgeous, but refuses to accept it. She has many friends, but is probably the shortest one in the friend group. She can be pretty quiet when she wants to, but don’t be fooled- she will yell at you if you try to take her food. She is VERY passionate about chicken. Some might say a little too passionate. She can talk for hours about literally anything. DO NOT LET HER TELL YOU A STORY TIME. There will definitely be more than one story time. Safira is a kind-hearted girl and good friend, but once you meet her, good luck getting rid of her.
Girl 1: “Oh my god, this Safira girl in my ELA class is always weirdly quiet.”

Girl 2: “Really? I always hear her yelling about some sort or chicken.”

Boy: “I don’t have any classes with Safira, but I always see her around school. She’s HOT.”
by September 22, 2019
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