Slang word for Sacramento, made popular by rappers/hip hop artists. Widely used by Sacramento residents, and across the country by teenagers and younger adults. And to all the low-life haters, who ain't got nothing better to do than to argue about "who's city is the best," I don't know anyone here in Sactown who have ever tried to "be part of the bay." Ain't trying to talk *hit bout the Bay, but I'm proud to NOT be "hyphie wid it,ghost ride tha whip,gettin stoopid,shake yo dredds"...etc. Sorry but yall just look and sound ignorant...or should I say ig-nant. ehehe.
"Sac town is the best town"...that's what lame bay area ppl think we like to think.
by Siyung May 28, 2007
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Popularly known to be Sacramento, but in Nova Scotia, Canada it is a term applied to Sackville, a small town outside of the capital city of Halifax.
Rob: Hey man! Mims is singin about Sackville!
Fred: Naw man, he means Sacremento, not our Sac-town.
by Lakshmi June 01, 2007
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another name for sacramento. it is used by fake suburban gangsta clones of todays shitty rappers. since nobody respects sac-town the mini gangster clones try to make it as hood as possible but fail at it. it is a great area to raise a family because of the low crime rate but your kid will grow up to be a suburban gangsta if you dont check your kid. our basketball team the Crapramento Kings suck balls and are jealous of LA's 13 chamionship rings while sac-town enjoys their whopping 0 rings. LA for life. for some reason though sacramento has a REALLY high car theft ranking. everybody herejust smokes, drinks, gets hyphy like a fag, and bump their mainstream rap music. oh yeah and we have shitty drivers to who always kill innocent people or drive drunk and speed in their little 4 cylinder civics. so thats basically it. I would be proud of sacramento if so many fake mufuckas didnt live here. ive been here my whole life and god dammit its time to leave.
Sac-town or Sacktown(because just about everybody here licks scrotum sack) is Gay. plain and simple. yes its a cown town. why the fuck do you think the dumb ass kings fans ring cowbells while the opposing team is shooting freethrows? its also funny how our womens basketball team won a championship before the guys basketball. the sacramento monarchs which is the womens team won their first championship last year and are on their way to winning their second in a row buy the end of this week.
by That Bitter Nigga Troy August 31, 2006
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Sactown might be the greatest person to ever live. He is intelligent, sexy, skilfull, and witty. What more could you ask for.
by Not Sactown June 12, 2004
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a supposedly "cooler" name for the city of sacramento
Goddammit! I'm so pissed that Mims listed Sac-Town as one of the cities of the bay in "This Is Why I'm Hot" because it hella isn't. It shouldn't even be the capital city of California. San Jo all the way, baby.
by Alissizzzle January 23, 2007
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The name that kids raised in Sacramento like to call their crappy hometown, in the hopes that it will someday be accepted as part of the bay. Sadly, no one thinks it is, and those dumbass farm kids can just go on pretending.
"Yeah, I'm getting hyphy in Sac-Town!" said the farmer from Sacramento.
"Man, sorry, but no," said the gangster from Oakland.
by Cimmie January 23, 2007
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