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When an atheist follows his sack and pretends to be religious in order to penetrate a good Christian girl.
'Dude, I got sackreligious yesterday and devirginated this smoking hot Christian girl. I would have had absolutely no chance had she not thought that I loved Jesus....and had a knife.'
by liammcginty December 19, 2017
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A female/ male that is dedicated and worships their man's cock and balls.
(Friend #1) You must be layin' the pipe right. Ever since you've been bangin' Jenny , she's stop talking Joe and Mike. (Friend #2) Yeah, she's become sack religious.
by lane3192 April 14, 2017
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When women talk about hitting a guy in the nuts, and the guy winces because he doesn't even want to here about any conversation about his nuts unless the bitch is sucking on them.
My girlfriend was making some sackreligious comments, which made all the guys wince in pain.
by Marco A Ram October 18, 2007
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a reverance for the power of wealth women possess that enables them to overlook a prospective mates flaws by focusing instead on his financial status.
here it is, hugh hefner is currently dating 19 yr old twins and has nonstop blondes all up on his sack religiously while oprah would have to ambush a slow midget in a wheel chair to get laid and baby got sack for days!
by BILLicitlY ilLEgAL April 26, 2010
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