The ultimate, godly, badass Broski you can ever have.
He's the guy who'll beat the crap out of the loser who took yo' hat and wont give it back.
He'll follow the Broski laws, He'll be by your side forever.

If you have a friend named Sabastion, Exactly like that,
You sir, Have an amazing bestfriend, Or Broski.
Friend: "Broski, That retard took my hat!"

Sabastion: "Oh hell no!"

*Epic fight scene inserted here*

Sabastion: "Here's your hat."

Friend: "Thanks man, You're awesome!"
by OmniCode March 07, 2011
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A person that a for sure peace of shit and maybe a faggot if you ever see a Sabastion keep him away from your asshole
OMG is that a sabastion RUN hes going to put stuff in your butt
by someone0808 September 01, 2020
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