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A Girl Who Is Amazing In Every Single Way Possible! She Is Hillarious And Says The Stupidest Things That Come To Mind..She Is Predictable Raging And Maybe Just A Lil Bit Bipolar! She Has Two Best Friends That Rock Her Socks! ;D She Has Long Long Legs But Is Short At The Same Time...Shes Unique And Very Different From Everyone Cares About Others Endlessly ,,, Party Girl For Sure And Loves Having Funn !! Alot To Handle But Very Worth It!! :P
Omg That Girl Is Sooo Sweet!!!! And Did You See Those Legs!

Shes Gotta Be A Saania!
by PinkFriday January 02, 2011
An extremely annoying creature that will hurt you if you don't talk to her in some kind of way.
Mom: Where were you last night Honey?
Girl: At my friends house
Mom: Ooooh a Saania called and she wanted to talk to you
Girl: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh I am gonna die!!!
by hipie November 10, 2010
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