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Swip is a combination of SWAG and HIP. Something that is swip is something that strives to be hip (fresh, makes their own path, nothing in their way...etc) but still obtains swag (cool, whats trending, awesome)
Wow, that haircut is so swip.
by Swip November 10, 2014
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A word used to rip the juul. Highly used within New York State, not one kid in this state doesn't know what a swip is.
A swip is the new word for kids, instead of saying "rip" they say swip, it is more discrete.
"Hey man, can I get a swip of your juul real quick?"
"Yo can I get a swip after you?"
"Can you donate a swip of mango?"
"I'll pay you for a swip of your juul, I'm addicted."
by Aplochian October 24, 2017
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1.Pretty Cool
2.The Coolest thing ever, Nothing is cooler then this
1. Oh well that was pretty swip.
2.OMFG Dude that was so swip!
by Winsor July 06, 2003
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A swip is a combination of taking a swig of a drink and a sip, resulting in an action somewhere in between.
You go to take a swig of your drink but only actually take a small amount of fluid.

You go to have a sip and instead swallow a large amount of fluid.

"Would you like to try my drink?"
"Okay, I'll just have a quick swip."
by ChimpAndy January 11, 2008
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A combination of the words 'switch' and 'swap'
You should swip seats to be closer to the tv
by Sping October 03, 2008
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