school full of hicks and hippie-wannabes. People play the bongos at 4am, and the alcohol is plentiful. Some weird kids even stand in the middle of campus and make alien noises. Alot of art majors here.
the town here seems to be two years behind everything.
by dan October 27, 2004
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A Freak Show city filled with an abundance of homosexuals who paint their faces and wear skin tight clothing.Where Often you cant tell peoples genders and you have a better chance of becoming apart of a human centipede then meeting a normal person.
Im an Arts theory major who loves the same sex and is a huge creep i need to go SUNY New Paltz
by batman914 April 8, 2011
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A weird place where normal people are scarce, you will probably get asked to make out by another dude before a chick. The cops will literally arrest you for breathing the wrong way. If you come from a regular city you are in for a shock, for there is an array of weirdos waiting on every corner.
Some guy asked me to make out at suny new paltz the other day.. he was wearing womens clothing
by pauseheymarky April 8, 2011
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