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Dogged and resourceful determination to compensate for, and/or atone for, past mistakes, especially in the face of overwhelming odds.

This term is directly inspired by the epic January 1993 struggle, viewed around the world, of James and Jennifer Stolpa and their baby. They turned down a side road while driving towards Idaho through northern Nevada, seeking a shortcut--a highly dubious venture at that time of year-- got lost in the snow, and almost lost their lives. James Stolpa struggled miles alone through the snow for help and saved his family while suffering severe frostbite. Each time another family is lost in the snow, the TV stations haul out the Stolpa footage and recall their struggle.
Augustino was past denial and ready to admit that a sufficiency of beer was not the only thing he should have considered before deciding to take the Boston Whaler to Hawaii. But no-one could accuse him of lacking Stolpitude. Grabbing the nearest floating keg, he set his course and kicked off for San Pedro.
by Oliver from Bolivar February 13, 2008
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