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The abbr. of SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE. This is commonly used when used by a polite and very angry goody goody who cannot forget their manners, and involuntarily and accidentally adds please.
Ashley: lalalala
Jessica: STFU
Ashley: don't you mean STFUP?
Jessica: the hell is STFUP? STFUP?
Ashley: it means shut the fuck up please. jeez
Jessica: dork
by immaSYAUD June 27, 2009
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sending two texts in a row without a reply inbetween.
Rachel: whats up?
Tessa: not to much! hbu?
Tessa: dude, i'm so bored.
Rachel: stop double texting me.
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Polite manner of saying, β€œshut the fuck up!” without the vulgarity.
As her small children looked on, she yelled: β€œSTF up! you little four-legged yapping machine, go in the house, go to beddy!”
by Dr Bunnygirl August 08, 2019
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