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Search The Fucking Forums.

Derivative of RTFM.

Literally "Search The Fucking Forums"; a term showing the frustration of being bothered with questions that the asker could have quickly figured out the answer on their own with minimal effort, usually by searching the forums.
<forumnoob> how do I uninstall this program?
<@forumnoobsmakebabyjeebuscry> search the fucking forums.
<@forumnoobsmakebabyjeebuscry> that question has been asked and answered about a hundred times
<forumnoob> why
<forumnoob> you could just tell me
by forumnoobsmakebabyjeebuscry March 04, 2005
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abbriviation for the word stuff often used in instant messagin and txt messages
man 1: hey u wana go out tonite?
man 2: nah i got some stff on
by hEzZa123 July 23, 2009
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<jinx> w00t! i just beat mario!
<marl0n> you're a gay ass
<jinx> stff.
<marl0n> :(
by Jinx April 13, 2004
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Stands for Shit Thats Fuckin Funny. to be used when something is funnier then an STF moment.

**This is the remix, created by Nester, the Rican from Rhode Island
Willmoney420: I saw an old lady fall down today.
Willmoney420: she fell into a big pile of shit
Nchild357: stff
by Will $ยขhaef November 30, 2004
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