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A school that primarily focuses on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Usually involves K-12 education, and tends to be a charter school or other form of school not within the public school district. They may be known as "STEM academies."

While some STEM schools may teach only a specific age group of children, many go from Kindergarten to 8th grade, or even Kindergarten to 12th. While the age levels are separated, a student enrolled in the school is guaranteed a spot in the school all the way to the oldest grade available, bypassing the need to re-apply or be stuck in the waiting list during the transition from elementary to middle, and/or middle to high school.

These schools generally have stricter policies regarding behavior than other schools, but may not be as strict as private schools. Students generally wear uniforms involving polo shirts and navy or khaki pants.
Alayna graduated from a K-12 STEM school. She remembered the school colored polo shirts with a mix of nostalgia and relief that she could wear whatever she wanted in college. One thing she knew for certain, however, is that her goofy 11th grade Chemistry teacher inspired her to study Chemistry in college, which was just as difficult as she expected. Nonetheless, she was putting as much effort as she possibly could, and didn't appear to be failing anytime soon.
by Dr. Sigh September 21, 2016
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