A degenerate massive YouTuber who actively steals TikTok content from other creators without giving any form of credit to the original creators (otherwise known as Freebooting), and makes reactions so meaningless and predictable that someone was able to make a bingo board out of them.

She eventually caught the attention and anger of fellow YouTuber Jacksfilms after he saw the @YouTubeCreators Twitter account promoting her, saying she gets video ideas from fans. Jack, believing this to be sending a bad message to creators, made a parody channel dedicated to satirizing her content called "JJJacksfilms". This channel soon evolved to playing "SSSniperwolf Bingo", and actively included crediting and linking creators that Sniper wasn't crediting.

Eventually JJJacksfilms grew in power and was successfully managing to get creators to fight back against her by notifying them, and giving them enough confidence enough to file copyright claims against her videos for stealing their content. This was often responded to by removing the stolen clips and making the videos fall below the 8 minute mark, making SSSniperWolf increasingly frustrated.

This soon escalated to her recently doxxing Jacksfilms by visiting and recording a video of his house to her 5.6 million followers with the vaguely threatening caption "Lets talk like adults @jacksfilms". This has officially turned her into both a content thief, and someone who stalks and doxxes her critics.
Person 1: Hey dude, did you hear about SSSniperWolf doxxing Jacksfilms?

Person 2: Yeah! I wish YouTube would stop being spineless pricks and just remove her channel already!
by I Can't Think of a Name lol October 18, 2023
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A reaction YouTuber who barely credits the original creators for their work.

She pretty much reacts to random TikToks, then says something that has nothing to do with the video, summarizing the video in general or, even worse, at some times, stealing jokes from the original TikTok themselves. Not to even mention she also takes TikToks from other freebooters.

And then uploads it to YouTube with her dumb expression in the thumbnail plus some attention-seeking thumbnail like "TikToks that give me second hand embarrassment" or "Satisfying TikToks that'll put you to sleep".

Jacksfilms made a rant about her in his main channel before this definition was created. he's also responsible for making JJJacksfilms (a channel meant to copy her style of content). He does a "BBBINGO night" on his Twitch where he pulls up a video on her channel, and he goes through the video shouting out every predictable thing she does. BBBINGO squares examples include: "Staying silent for 5 seconds", "Freebooting a freebooted video", "Fake laugh", etc.

All credit goes to Jacksfilms.
"Ooh, SSSniperWolf just uploaded a new video!"

*watches the 10 minutes of absolute nothingness*

"Never again!"
by Someone called Frederick September 10, 2023
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A fairly popular, soft core, crypto-egirl YouTuber that used to be a gamer egirl but now is just a reaction channel egirl. What she lacks in intelligence or comedy she makes up for in attractiveness. As such her contribution to the internet is to be eye candy for horny, drooling, simping teenage boys or pseudo-entertainment for vat-grown, emoji using, retarded teenage girls. Like all other extremely popular channels, her content lacks any kind of depth or purpose and can be safely left in the infernal void of sentience that is the “Trending” page.
SSSniperwolf uploaded her new video ‘Tik Toks that are actually relatable’ while pouting in the thumbnail!”

“Get off the Trending page”
by Imperium5 September 24, 2020
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Someone who used to be decently cool, but is someone who uses filler, unfunny jokes, lifeless reactions, and garbage thumbnails in her recent videos.
SSSniperWolf is lame nowadays.
by Mr. Outcast December 13, 2021
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SSSniperWolf is an amazing youtuber/gamer she is very beautiful and and amazing young women I hope to get to communicate with her myself one day
SSSniperWolf is my favorite youtuber
by Mya jay June 24, 2020
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