A fairly popular, soft core, crypto-egirl YouTuber that used to be a gamer egirl but now is just a reaction channel egirl. What she lacks in intelligence or comedy she makes up for in attractiveness. As such her contribution to the internet is to be eye candy for horny, drooling, simping teenage boys or pseudo-entertainment for vat-grown, emoji using, retarded teenage girls. Like all other extremely popular channels, her content lacks any kind of depth or purpose and can be safely left in the infernal void of sentience that is the “Trending” page.
SSSniperwolf uploaded her new video ‘Tik Toks that are actually relatable’ while pouting in the thumbnail!”

“Get off the Trending page”
by Imperium5 September 24, 2020
A reaction channel that used to make gaming videos, but now she's just a reaction YouTuber. While most of her reaction videos are TikToks, some clips from other videos are acquired from various platforms like Twitter or Reddit. She has also the capability to have her videos shown on incognito/new youtube, which means, SSSniperWolf shows on the new YouTube users page. She's mostly characterized as being funny and mostly having a dramatic reaction to everything.
Friend: Ayo SSSniperWolf just uploaded a video reacting to thatveganteacher complaining about her non-veganism.
Me: ayo fr ima check that out rn
by setfna October 1, 2021
Someone who used to be decently cool, but is someone who uses filler, unfunny jokes, lifeless reactions, and garbage thumbnails in her recent videos.
SSSniperWolf is lame nowadays.
by Mr. Outcast December 13, 2021
SSSniperWolf is an amazing youtuber/gamer she is very beautiful and and amazing young women I hope to get to communicate with her myself one day
SSSniperWolf is my favorite youtuber
by Mya jay June 24, 2020
The act of contradicting yourself so badly, it's honestly sad.
"Didn't she say she hated plastic surgery?"
"Yeah, such sssniperwolfing."
by Lena is gay January 29, 2019
A mindless youtuber who became a millionaire by commenting condescendingly on strangers' intelligence whilst demonstrating her own lack of one in the process.
"Oh my gosh, you are sooooo stupid! 11 x 11 is 122, not 121!
"Actually, it is 121. Stop being such a SSSniperwolf."
by Dozenal>Decimal June 13, 2022