Fan made game mode on league of legends, Semi-Random-All-Mid it's like Aram but better
i can't wait to crush miaow in srams tonight
by GribzLeChat October 06, 2020
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Sram: another word for Feces, Poo, Turd, Shit, Richard the third, Cleveland steamer.

can also be used for an item or thing that never works correctly and constantly needs fixing.
e.g. (not working) your bike has Sram components, you need Shimano.
(shit) That shop is full of Sram
by CHRISDOFMAN May 12, 2020
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multi functioanl word that can be inserted into any situation where one finds themself at a loss for words. It can be used to convey any human emotion, depending on how you say it.
wow that cran-tangerine juice was Sram

>Did you get accepted to be on Jeopardy?
by b-randon March 31, 2004
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