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A squid ring is the scientific term for female genitalia. The name is derrived from the sloshy, squidgy appearence of the fanny, the word ring is derrivitive of the big blag hole you stick your pork sword into.
Billy: Heyyyy Cassa, u so sxc. gotta nice birra sosage thats needin a slimey cuddle
Cassa: Hiyaaaaaaaaa! I have a willing squid ring? =
Billy: so it's kk if i shove it in ye?
Cassa: 8---D O-
Billy: suttons rong wiv ye fanny i'll find some1 else
Cassa: kk
by babooshkaaaaa March 18, 2011
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A slow and incapable electrical apprentice. The greenhorn and bottom feeder of the electrical industry.
Tradie, "pass me my long nose pliers"
Apprentice *hands him a screwdriver.
Tradie, "you are such a squid rings"
by RedDaug June 11, 2018
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