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Another Acronym, SOBL extends to Sitting On Bum Laughing
Person 1: "SOBL"

Person 2: "wtf what's that"

Person 1: "Sitting On Bum Laughing stfu!"
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S.O.B.L stands for "Spitting out blood, laughing". We use this term when we are laughing so hard, that we feel the need to say that.
Person 1: Hey what does BTS stand for?

Person 2: Sobl

Person 2 used the term "S.O.B.L" because they thought Person 1 was stupid for not knowing what "BTS" stood for, and laughed so hard, that they physically spat out blood. (Of course, you do not have to spit out blood to use this term, but in this case, someone actually did spit out blood from laughing so hard.)
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An acronym for sitting on bed laughing. Meant for online use but has been known as many online acronyms to be heard IRL. Considered stronger then the typically used lol, but weaker then a rofl, lmao, or robl.
"That party last night was a blast till I was heatbutt by some chick."
by wayne&caz May 03, 2009
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