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A student who buys a mobile phone usually a Nokia, which is on a pre-paid plan, they also take their phones to school and never use them because these people never have any credit. They can only use their phone when there is a glitch in the network which causes free SMS messaging, at this time they spent all their time sending SMS's to other SMSers which wastes their battery so they can't read or receive all the messages their friends (SMSers) sent them. Most of the messages sent at this time blank messages which are sent to other SMSers to piss them off. Also the messages are written in internet language example, "Wat u doin Hav u sen n e 1 2da.” this language is altered and changed by all SMSer so that they can't understand each other. SMSers also send lots of money on shit overpriced cases and accessories such as phone lights with drain their batteries even more. These people are complete morons and think that having a phone means that they got a "life", but if you think spending your time sending blank messages is a "life" there is something seriously wrong with you.
SMSer: "Hey Bob there's free messaging".
Bob: "Put your phone on vibrate, shove it up your ass and get a friend with credit to SMS you!"

SMSer: "Hey Bob, look at my phone lights aren't they cool"
Bob: "Hold your phone with the lights on and stick your hand in a bucket of water."

SMSer: "I spent thirty bucks on my case and when I dropped my phone on my pillow it shattered and cracked my screen."
by PotatoChip May 24, 2003
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Those trendie faggots invading the population of schools, spending their days fiddling with their mobile phones, messaging each other with such messages as 'wot u doin' and 'fuk ura mom LOLZ'. They never call anyone because they have no one to call, or think they're 'too cool for school' so they only SMS each other and get the giggles when they see the responce.

I don't have a mobile phone, and I am proud. I don't wanna turn into a testicle-brained cheese-case. And, besides, I'd spend too much money because I refuse to 'tok lyk dis'.
<SMSer1> *messaging* wot is doin?
<SMSer2> *replying* msging u!!
<SMSer1> *replying* LOLZ!
<SMSer2> *replying* i no i am da funyest.
by Bastardized Bottomburp June 18, 2003
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