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Stuck in my head

Something (or someone) that you just can't get off your mind. Usually a song that plays over and over again in your head, but can also apply to that certain someone that you just can't stop thinking about. (;
A: Hey, that song on the radio was pretty nice.

B: Yeah haha, that song's been SIMH for almost a week now.


A: You've been staring at that girl over and over agian. What's up?

B: Dude, she's been SIMH the whole day! I think I like her... <3
by TheGosuBox December 22, 2009
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Acronym for 'Stuck in my head'

Not to be confused with SMH.
There was a song that was SIMH so I shared it with my followers.
by The Sitting Alive June 30, 2016
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