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"shah-tahn" (שטן) AKA Satan, meaning enemy or adversary. The Supreme deity of hatred and evil. Enemy of Yahweh the Supreme deity of love and goodness.
It is the goal of SHaTaN to torture you for all eternity. The sinless belong to Yahweh and go to heaven at death. The sinful belong to Satan, and go to hell at death. Problem... All of us are sinners! But Yahweh Elohim became the man Yahshua the Messiah , to let Satan physically torture and murder him in exchange for the souls of sinners who repent, who desire to be sinless.
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by Modern mystical Magi February 14, 2018
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The Islamic term for Satan or anything that mascarades as Evil.
"Shatan got me by the pressure points"
-Tribe Called Quest
by Indra March 11, 2004
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