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Shuford or Schuffert is of German decent, she was born in the United States and is a fashion designer/painter, Artist. She received a full scholarship to Arizona State University when she was only in sixth grade. At age eighteen she sold her first line to a company in California where the entire line sold exclusively and only in Europe. The first of five in the line had over 1.5 million presses with back orders for the next six months. In 1989 she became a close friend of Mr. Bill Graham and Bill Graham Presents with his super awesomeness made a path of great fortunes making her a "Super Star" in the fashion industry before she was twenty years old.
Today SHUFORD is a name known throughout the world for her ability to create and solve any and all obstacles to get the job completed thus making her clients more money than most. The downside and the only downside to SHUFORD is that she is overwhelmed she retreats throughout the world on what she calls "The Mind of Me" freedom moments. She is now happily married to Danielle MacK who once started out as her assistant only for fate to call their hearts to union a union which completes them both. The live happily in San Francisco, Manhattan, and or Boston.
Excuse me "SHUFORD" I want this, that, tit for tat asap, "well this might be what you think you want and yes I am sure it will sell but I am not an artist who is led but followed and if you can grasp my vision I will make you more money than what you believed in such as but not limited to your concept.
by Shelley Jo March 31, 2013
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