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A bilingual Japanese underground rapper who raps in English and Japanese. He has released several albums and worked with many other Japanese hip hop artists.
Example of Seeda's flow, from "Alien Me" on the album "Breathe":

"Anata wa watashi no tame ni shineru?"
Hito wa tsuyoi hito ni akogareru
Ore wa kanashii kana
Tatakai to iu, LOVE no kachikan

Ima wa kateru to omou kara iku to ka
Ima kono ato katanakute ii desu
Shiawase wo tsukuri ni iku
Sono yasashisa tatakai wa naku

Just wanna breathe, suki na hito to
Just wanna breathe

Tatakai sentakusi kangaeru shakai,
Kangaetakumonai, ore no LIFE

Rough translation:
"Could you die for me?"
People who are strong attract others
I wonder if I'm sad
Those values of LOVE that are nothing but battles

I think I'm winning the fight now
But it's really all right if I don't win ever
Making happiness
Such kindness cannot be a battle

In a society that focuses on the options of battles
I don't want to think of such things, My LIFE
by GNR6153 May 21, 2011
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1. Used in its extreme form, something grotesque or unsavoury; a reaction to something of this kind; synonymous with bleugh
2. What one would say when they experienced the taste, smelt, sight of something off, or putrid
Definition 1:
*Guys shoving Ho into Area 51*
Ho: Seeda! Leave me alone!
Definition 2:
*Someone Farts*
Dude: Seeda! Who was that? or
*Discovering a chick has a third nipple*
Dude (Aside): Seeda! What is that thing! Oh well, the more the merrier.
by Blackstump November 11, 2003
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