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A socio-economic bubble boy is a person who does not understand the simplicity and joy in common, everyday activities and behaviors. The SEBB, completely unaware of his elitest behavior, is incapable of finding joy in anything that doesn't require status, pertains to the top 1%, or doesn't require a reservation.
SEBB was completely ill at ease when outside of the Country Club environment
by WRCO December 23, 2014
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Master of evil links and vile scripts.
the guy is such a Sebbe!
by Anonymous March 29, 2003
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short form for sebastian. A person who is extremely talented at wooing women, and is also very good in bed. And is extremely self conceited. But is unable to think with anything other than his 8 inch dick. Usually has clear blue eyes, and blonde hair, and smokes like a chimney. Somewhat resembling Johnny Bravo, but in reality is a leaping frog, who jumps from one bed to another. Do not trust the innocent face.
I met a complete Sebb today. Thankfully I managed to escape with my heart.
dick sebastian johnny bravo blue eyes
by lilac.lily November 10, 2014
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Sebbe is a nickname of Sebaztian typically used when a man with the name Sebaztian is gay and really annoying.
You're such a sebbe you imbecil.
by ElGregro April 27, 2020
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When you don't proc infinite stars the entire fight, so you go for a gråtrunka... but nothing comes out, just like infinite stars.
Today I thought I'd perform really well. Instead I pulled a dirty sebbe..
by Razhint March 31, 2020
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sebb is a capybara
sebb is lifestyle
sebb is god
sebb is all known existance
by sebbsebbsebbsebbsebbsebb July 20, 2022
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A god at grefing and trolling. May be the devils son
He is such a Sebbe
Why is he trying to be a Sebbe
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