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Acronym for 'Student Emotional Awareness Bullshit', like the kind pushed in most high schools in the civilised world. Usually boring in nature, and more or less pointless.

SEABS aims to educate young people in being nice to one another and accepting themselves for who they really are (in a desperate attempt by Western governments to weed out insecurity, Emoism and other related affairs such as teen suicide), but has the actual effect of socially degrading most normal teenagers, who do not need to be subjected to lame speeches explaining that 'Bullying is NO OK' and the like.

SEABS can vary in severity. It could be as simple as a handout issued to students or parents or a speech made by a teacher at the school or the principal, but it could also be as severe as a function or seminar that students must attend as a part or their schooling. The worst SEABS can cause depression or Emotional FUBAR in those subjected to it.

The acronym SEABS can be used to describe any of the above events, or anything else that involves high school students being lectured on moral values.
Jack: Hey, man, what class did you have just now?

John: I didn't. We all got dragged into the gym for an hour of fucking SEABS. Kill me.

Jack: Oh, that sucks man... Hope you feel better.
by TheGoodShepherd February 22, 2011
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(v.) the act of leaving a group of people (a party, a friendly miniature golf game, etc.) in spy on someone taking a poop, either for sexual fulfillment or to gross out his friends
(n.) one who seabs
Derived from the portmanteau "see brown"
Guy: Hey, did Mark really seab some girl?

Mark: Hi, I'm Mark, and I'm a seab.

by ofcrsprcrst April 17, 2007
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