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South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, a rigorous engineering school full of nerds and nerds who don't know they're nerds.

SDSMT accepts anybody who applies, brains are not required for acceptance. This sneaky technique allows the school to take as much money as possible from wanna-be nerds and party frosh before they realize they have a flaming passion for business and change majors. SDSMT doesn't believe in the idea of social lives or sleep, any and all of your time should be spent on homework.

SDSMT eats your soul for breakfast and crushes your spirit. If you don’t study, you will fail. If you study, you will probably fail anyway.

For those who survive the frosh massacre, enjoy emotional beatings, and are too stubborn to attend a regular college, SDSMT is wonderful. Should you graduate, you are almost guaranteed a job with an average starting salary near $60,000. Undergraduates will marvel at your willpower, brains, and bravery. Monuments will be erected in your honor, you will be a hero, a survivor, a faint shimmer of light for those stuck in the deep, cold trenches of SDSMT.

There is no safe haven, you can't run and you can't hide. You will do differential equations in your sleep.
Person 1: HAHAHA look at that weirdo over there, he's been staring at that book for hours

Person 2: Yeah what a freak, why is he foaming at the mouth?

Person 3: You guys I think that person goes to SDSMT...

Person 1 & 2: *gasp* We must pray for his safe release!
by CrabbiePaddieUnicornSquirell February 03, 2013
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