St. Cloud State University. A college in the middle of Minnesota that consumes a ton of alcohol and practices some of the wildest things you can imagine. At SCSU every night of the week you have the option to go to a party, get extremely plastered, and hook up with that random girl from that one dorm.
Hockey is the main/only Division 1 sport in St. Cloud and is huge. Nights after some hockey games, mainly the University of Minnesota games, police have been known to give out some 300 minors to students on and around campus.
Besides offering a fun and exhilarating experience, St. Cloud delivers a great education to the 17,000+ students that occupy it.
High school student A: "Where are you going this weekend?"
High school student B: "SCSU."
High school student A: "Oh man, try not to get alcohol poisoning this weekend!"
High school student B: "Nah man I am just going up there for the girls."
by Max Adamson. December 22, 2008
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A member of the Connecticut State University system, located in New Haven. The school is currently undergoing renovations the enrolled students are paying for but will never see. In addition the the school is known foe ability to bend students over. They won't tell you a class is cancelled until you show up for it, or you're 1/2 a credit short one day before graduation.
It took me 5 years and a summer class to graduate from SCSU.
by nichelob May 30, 2005
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