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Meaning, Spiritual but not Religious.

People who believe in a higher power but not participating in any form of organized religion. A typical SBNR picks different things from multiple Spiritual Paths and Religions and mixes it together.
John: "Hey mary in what religion do you believe in?"
Mary: "I dont believe in any religion. I take the parts i like from other religions but dont follow just one Doctrine"
John: "Oh u mean a SBNR?"
Mary: "Right!"
by Selketchina June 06, 2010
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Seen But No Reply.

It's a condition that happens when you have a pseudo-interested friend in your chat group on a social media platform. Either be nice to him/her so they stop, or chuck the creepy mofo out.
SBNR again? Fuck this kid.
by dq May 03, 2016
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