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Straight, Able-bodied, White (Wealthy), Cisgendered, Sexual Male. A person who is in many political majorities and thus holds a lot of privilege.
A: Although SAWCSMs may experience prejudice and individual hardships, no systematic oppression takes place against them.

B: How'd you like that informal debate club?
C: There were a bunch of SAWCSMs complaining about the lack of White History month and being unable to say the r-word insultingly. =/
by Icsifil November 17, 2012
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A made-up word used by Social Justice Warriors to dismiss any person that doesn't agree with them.
Person: I'm not going to ask what someone's pronouns are whenever I introduce myself.
SJW: You hurt my feels! SAWCSM scum!
by Raptor007 December 22, 2012
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Straight, Able-bodied, White, Cisgendered, Straight Male. Term used by "Social Justice Warriors" to depict their "oppressors," regular men who are blamed for being contributors to their society.
tumbler: Oh man, look at that SAWCSM, don't you hate how successful he is?
Redditor: Yeah, I do, let's make him hate himself and make him want to destroy his own culture, identity, and everything about him that made him into what he is.
by ObjectiveTruth July 23, 2013
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