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A type of people that smells like curry mixed with over-powered shit.

It's origion is from an indian secret society formed by a group of intelegent mathamatician.

in 1988, one of the member in this society betrayed the group. thus the mathematicians thought of a formula, that can explain this abnormal acion. and the short form of this formula, is SHOBA.

Until the late 90s, historians have been trying to find out who betrayed the fraternity. After 4 years of research, they discovered a clue that lets them trace the blood line of that member - the family name, which is SANKER.

Now a days we use the word SANKER to diss the type of people previously being described. Very powerful word.

p.s. Anyone age under 16 strictly forbidden to use the slang.
1) When walking on a street and see the type of people previously described, "Hey You SANKAR!! If you don't get out of my way i will SHOBA you!!"

2) "hey did you watch the tv program the other night?! It was so bad!!", "I know right?! I bet that main character is a SANKAR."
by Ichigo Simpson 1691 December 15, 2010
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