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SA-8a Gecko

The SA-8a Gecko is a mobile self-propelled SAM system. The SA-8a Gecko was first introduced during a parade through Red Square on November 7th, 1975. The SA-8a Gecko is amphibious. It was based on the SA-N-4, a naval version used on many Soviet ships, like the Krivak-Class Cruiser. The SA-8 missile could travel for about thirteen kilometers. It weighed about one hundred ninety kilograms when ready to launch. The SA-8 missile uses IR tracking to find its targets. The Gecko itself carries four SA-8 missiles, and another 8 inside for reload purposes.

Type: Mobile SAM
Dimensions: length 3.2m; diameter 210mm; span 640mm
Carries: ready 4; extra 8
Range: 13km
Weight: 190kg
Tracking: IR
Tracker Range: 25km
The SA-8 is amphibious.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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