A little-known term used in the U.S military, typically used in the U.S. Marine Corps which stands for Strategically Taking Equipment to Another Location. It is a term used to justify taking something that doesn't really belong to you when questioned by a superior who feels the action is immoral. STEALing most likely oocurs while on deployment to a far away country.
Situation dictates use:
1) A marine STEALing toilet paper from another unit's bathroom (head) in order to meet his unit's hygenical needs= Good
2) A Marine STEALing a DVD player from the (PX) Post Exchange= Shoplifting,which is bad (unless there is an acronym for "SHOPLIFT" which would justify taking something from a place where people normally purchase goods in exchange for money)
Marine to battle buddy: "After that unit over there leaves their tent for duty, I'm going to S.T.E.A.L. a sleeping bag to make up for the one that was taken from me." (Remember, there is only one thief in the Marine Corps; Everyone else is trying to get their shit back)
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