S. Y. R. is an acronym that means "slow your roll."
LB was getting outta control so I told him to S. Y. R.
by Rob R. December 2, 2006
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the theory of one person being the bitch of another. such as (in the alphabet) "R" is the bitch of the "S", "R" is "S"'s bitch.
We prove the "S" and "R" theory, you are the "R" I am the "S".
by coco the master July 18, 2008
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In "Homer Goes to College," Homer gleefully sets his high school diploma aflame, while singing, "I am so smart, I am so smart, S-M-R-T, I mean S-M-A-R-T!" Behind him his living room is going up in flames.

The now legendary "S-M-R-T" line was actually not in the script and was a genuine error by voice actor Dan Castellaneta. However, the error was so much in Homer's character that they chose to include it in the finished product.
People now chant either "S-M-R-T" or "I am so smart, S-M-R-T", particularly when they're feeling stupid, celebratory, or both.
by Kaleah November 3, 2005
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(716) I was supposed to catch a plane, but missed my flight due to to much S,D,R&R.

(619) Damn, Dude, you're fuckin' retarded.
by Hunter eS. Thompson July 14, 2009
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Snatch And Run or A Type Of Stealing

used by some north american hoodlums and hood rats
Nigga Im Finna go S&R That ________
by Young_Bull July 3, 2017
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Means Streaks and Recents on snapchat
So bored S/R
by Makian6 June 24, 2018
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On snapchat this means "streaks and recents." Basically, the person is letting you know that they're sending a mass snap to everyone they have a streak with or have snapchatted recently. Can be very annoying if this is all they send you.
"I hate when people send me 's&r,' like, you don't need to let me know that I'm getting a mass snap!"
by Hahahahahha January 19, 2017
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