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A phrase originating from the slums of Shaolin used in referring to the act of "smoking a blunt" filled with marijuana.

S - smoke
A - a
B - blunt
Cook: Wanna s a b?
Cappy: Yes.
by Cookinatoraid August 19, 2009
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Lets go SAB!,
Time to SAB,
Yo all Andrew's away message says is "SAB!" what does that mean??? Are you stupid??? Hes off smoking a blunt!
by aevtcn26 June 03, 2008
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Acronym for SEE AND BE SEEN.

its used for when you want to see people and be seen by people. all about your status.

causes you to dress well wherever you go because you never know who you might be seen by!
reasons to go out: to see people, and for people to see you. cause your popularity rank to raise.
I cant wait to wear my new tux to Jonathans party so I can SABS .
by heatherscorner June 11, 2013
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(Es-A-Bee) Means to (S)moke (A) (B)owl. which is referring to smoking WEED, Marijuana,THC ,Buddha, ghanja, Tijuana i think you get the idea.......
Yo you want to come over after school and S.A.B?
by Will najour December 06, 2006
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Sabs is short for sausage abs. Sausage abs is a phenomenon that occurs when a person not only has a beer gut, but mysteriously has abs as well.
Alec Baldwin had the tannest sabs in It's Complicated
by duomaxwell April 13, 2010
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