A fetish genre of (usually drawn) pornography which depicts a character physically hurt either in a sensual way, or in a sexual situation. Ryona usually has situations where the character of focus is beaten up or tortured and is subsequently psychologically damaged in a dominating way by his or her attacker. Typically, the victim is hurt in a way that wouldn't immediately draw blood, cause lasting physical harm, or cause death, which are more the territory of Guro, although the two genres can overlap.

While the kink of abuse and its following domination of the victim has probably been around for centuries, the name itself was simply made for convenient categorization of genres. "Ryona" is shortened form of "Ryonanī", which is a portmanteau of the Japanese words "Ryōki" (猟奇, "Seeking the bizarre") and "onanī" (オナニー, masturbation).
"Ugh, you get off on Ryona, seeing women abused!? You're distgusting!"

"Maybe you should learn that sexuality is an abstract thing that isn't very easily analyzed at face value, and how to seperate fantasy from reality, you dumb cunt. I'm not two years old, I know that this shit isn't ever appropriate in real life."
by The Objective Reader June 18, 2014
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Reverse Ryona (Gyaku-Ryona) is a varient of ryona where male characters are physically assaulted or abused by an attacker, normally a female.
Chun-Li beat him up so much, it looked like Reverse Ryona.
by RileyFlowz December 6, 2018
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