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Full of fucking rich kids who wear nothing but "Vineyard Vines" and people will not accept you in their group if you're not a rich, white American. Lots of diversity in Rye High School. There's really popular kids, there's the not so popular kids and there's the "losers". I happen to currently go to that school and unfortunately i'm not a white American, i don't wear Vineyard Vines, i don't pop my collars etc.. and these are the reasons why i'm not a "cool" kid or popular in this school. Because people here expect you to be a certain person, dress a certain way, be a part of a certain race.. Also, a lot of people smoke weed here and drink, i guess that's what happens when you're a popular kid who goes to parties every weekend so you tend to drink and smoke a lot with your other popular friends. Girls here are really hot, but of course, they will not date/befriend you simply because you're an ugly foreigner and different from everyone else, so they will look at you like a peasant. Also, people like to talk behind your back a lot so you don't know whether or not you're liked in your so called "group" which gets you depressed at some point. Yeah, that's how fucked up Rye, New York is. It's a beautiful town with really nice people, but when it comes to actually LIVING here and attempting to make friends at Rye High School, it can make life really hard. I don't hate Rye, i just hate how things like these are normal in rich suburban towns like Rye.
I wish i was a popular kid man, why are people here so two faced and unaccepting?

Well, that's Rye, New York man.
by topgun1263 July 05, 2016
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Theres not much to say about rye, except for the fact that its an ugly shithole filled with whiny snobs who spend their friday nights popping their collars and counting their cash. 50% of the students smoke pot and the other 50% are getting laid. If you visit the actually pretty decent high school, you'll notice the hallways infested with snobby bastards with bags of weed hangin out their pockets and blackberries in their hands. IF you are unlucky enough to have to live here, I feel for you. Now, all the Rye kids reading this, go back to smoking pot and doing crack and stop wasting your time.
by blank2121212121211212121 January 29, 2011
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