Not to confused with Meadowbrook or Jenkintown despite the identical zip code, Rydal, is a small town made up with Jews who have nice cars, go to the private school located near by, not Abington High School, who wear too much juicy couture, designer threads, have fake noses, can get lots of drugs, and whatever else they wish in their desperate boring lives to come.
"Today, I'm going to Smith Bros because its Yom Kippur, but my dad has to pick up his Benz in Ft. Washington. Hey wanna get Starbucks with me in the mean time?"
by Brittany Kegalstein February 23, 2005
A small little town consisting of gangs and cartels and full of drugs: cocaine, weed, etc.. Say anything smart and not only will you get ass kicked but you will be swimming with the fishes. Also full of prostitutes if you want to try
You mean RYDAL GA, man I’m
Surprised you made it out alive Rydal Georgia is a hick town with tons of bad people
by Robot Thesaurus December 17, 2019