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Typically a bare strip of asphalt in the middle of nowhere, with no facilities, fancy shops, or anything that would make your stay comfortable. If you're lucky enough to find a toilet, you may need to pay to use it, or grab the mop and bleach and clean it yourself.
Such places are served mainly by flights operated by Ryanair. When you walk into a Ryanairport you can feel the same discomfort that you would normally experience on a Ryanair flight: everything seems to be designed either to just about comply with safety regulations or to deprive you of your most basic human rights. Like Ryanair, Ryanairports hate their customers.
A Ryanaiport would normally have a fancy name, and tries to disguise itself as a second/third airport of a major city, being actually >1h if not 2hrs away from the city whose name it bears. Connections to the actual destination of your trip are generally poor and expensive, and you'll likely find yourself considering you've spent more flying to a Ryanairport than to a normal airport, plus having lost additional hours commuting and having compromised your dignity.
I once flew to Barcelona-Zaragoza, it's such a Ryanaiport ! No food to buy, no aircon, 2 hrs from Barcelona!
by aronave June 09, 2018
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